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WingX Pro7


WingX Pro7 requires a $74.95 annual subscription or $199.95 three-year subscription. There is a 30-day Free Period option. The $74.99 Advanced IFR subscription enables showing your aircraft on an approach chart is $74.99.GPS-Enabled Moving Map● VFR Sectionals, IFR Enroute Low and High, and WACs● Awesome user-defined enroute transparency - this is cool!● Split screen● Track Up● Brightness● Route CDI, ETEs, and ETAs● Knots, MPH, km/h
Wx Text● Color-coded and decoded METARs, TAFs, winds/temps aloft● Includes Alaska and Hawaii● Calculates METAR Density Altitude and Freezing Levels
Route Planning● Victor Airways and Jetways● Total and Longer Than Direct distances● Flight Log shows Magnetic Headings, Groundspeed, ETE, Fuel Burn using winds aloft
Flight Services - Lockheed Martin● Flight Plans and Weather Briefings use a secure connection● Official and recorded by Lockheed Martin● File on device, view on Lockheed Martin web site ( or vice versa● File, Close, and Cancel flight plans● Route and Area Weather Briefings● Aircraft Manager for auto-fill
E6B● TAS● Conversions● Distance-Speed-Time● Pressure/Density Altitude● Winds Aloft● Runway Winds● IFR Climb● Descent Rate
Integrated Help System● Built-in mini-manual
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